What Is Art?


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By now, you’ll probably be wondering what this is going to be about. ‘What Is Art?’ I mean, that’s an easy enough question, right?

‘What Is Art?’  This question has been playing on my mind for a while now. When I say the word ‘art’, what do you think of? Your daughter’s drawing pinned on the kitchen pin board? The Mona Lisa? A painting? But is that all there is to art – a mere mark on a canvas?

Being a member of deviantART, I often browse the community comments and one comment that I come across far too often is the classic ‘that’s not art’. As far as I’m concerned, art is not a ‘just’ a talent or a skill, but an expression of creativity. Drama. Music. Writing. Puppetry. Drawings. Photography. Paintings. It’s all art – an expression of creativity.

The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde, La Gioconda).

So, I ask you readers, what is art to you?

Signing off,

The Opinionated Duck



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  1. In the Art Institute of Chicago, in one gallery, there is… a chair.

    A simple, ordinary chair. That someone could have gone to the store and bought. In fact, that’s exactly what someone did.

    But it was there to make a point: Someone, in some factory somewhere, had to design that chair. And doing so was a form of artistic expression. No-one designs a chair thinking, “I want this to look ugly” or “I don’t care how this will look”. No, they create it to look nice and work well in your kitchen. So it is art, and therefore as worthy to be in a museum as anything else.

    • Precisely my point. 🙂 Thank you for your comment.
      I completely agree. Anything with any thought put into it, as you say, can be considered art. In fact, let me correct myself. Not only can it be considered as art but it is art.

  2. If I’m frank with you, everything’s art. You see that lamp in the corner of your room with the blue beads hanging from it? That’s art. That hand-made cardigan your gran gave you last Christmas? Yep, that’s art too. But the way you interpret art is what counts. I mean, sheesh, look at that dog mess splattered all over the concrete. Have a close enough look and you’ll see it’s art. actually, I wouldn’t recommend the close look at it, someone might push you…

    *Now I can say I’ve seen your blog AND commented on it. Beat that, suckazzzzz!!!!*

    • Thanks for the input, Amy-Anne.
      I guess your right, any thing is art….well, too a certain consent. I agree about the lamp and the cardigan – they’re two creative objects and, as I stated, in my view, art is merely an expression of creativity.
      But the dog mess….well, I’m not quite sure. Lol

  3. it varies from person to person. for me, it’s anything that has meaning, sense, and unique style of portrayal.

  4. My belief is that if it was created with great care and authority, and faith in the piece one is crafting, then it’s art.

  5. It’s a good thing no stuckists follow this blog because their belief is that;
    Unless it’s a painting, it’s not art
    If it’s in a gallery, it’s not art.

    Stupid beliefs, if you ask me. xD

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