Have you ever wondered who thought up the words you are speaking, and why? Why does ‘why’ mean ‘why’? Why does ‘words’ mean those funny things we speak and write? Why is ‘inspiration’ pronounced ‘in-sp-i-r-ae-shion’? Why are words words and who came up with these words?

Words are the building block of speech, writing, language and personality but do we ever think who made that particular word? What word has that word been adapted from? Can  we create word?

Here are some fascinating words (and their meanings) for you to enjoy:

  • ‘Bourgeoisie’\ nounbour·geoi·sie (bore·jwar·sie)\ Definition: A word of French origin used in Marxist theory to refer to the ‘Bourgeoisie’ or upper class of a capitalist society, primarily those concerned with financial and property values – the owners of the means of production as opposed to the ‘proletariat’ (or working class) who ‘sold’ their labour power for a wage.
  • ‘Liblikas’ \ noun \ lee-blee-kahs \ Definition: the Estonian word for butterfly
  • ‘Wisteria’ \ noun \ wis-tear-ee-a
  • ‘Pachyderm’ \ noun \ pak-i-durm \ Definition: A person who is not sensitive to criticism, ridicule, etc.
  • ‘Exoteric’ \ adjective\ ek-suh-ter-ik\ Definition:  Suitable for or communicated to the general public

Thanks Marty for the help dishing out some awesome words.

What’s your favourite word, and why?

Signing off,

The Opinionated Duck



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  1. Awesome!
    I see my word of the month up there. 😀

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