St David’s Day

Yesterday (1 March 2012) was St David’s day. As many readers may not be aware about all the glory of St David’s day, I am dedicating this post to the Welsh.

What is the St David’s flag?

St David's

Who is St David and why do we associate him with Wales?

St David is the patron Saint of Wales. He was a Celtic monk, bishop and abbot who lived in the sixth century. Perhaps the most famous story about St David is about how he was lecturing to a vast crowd and the ground is said to have risen up meaning that he was standing on a hill and people had a better chance of hearing him.

What are the National symbols of Wales and St David’s Day?

We associate leeks and daffodils with Wales and St David’s Day. The leek is one of the symbols as Welsh soldiers were said to wear leeks in their hats in the past to recognise each other.

Signing off,

The Opinionated Duck


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