My Crazy Obsession(s)

Alright people, I’m trying to start a trend here! 😆 If you would like to help me, post a blog/ tweet/ write a journal (on deviantART)/ post a list of your crazy obsessions. What things can you not live without?

My Crazy Obsessions (in no particular order)

You may or may not know that I am one person who is obsessed with the time. I constantly feel the need to have a watch strapped around my wrist (digital, if you’re interested. I can’t be doing with that analogue stuff, when I look at a watch I wanna know the time instantly without using that weird thing that some people have- a brain, I think?). I also have the urge to check the time every half hour or so.

Alright, you might have guessed this one. 😆 I love ducks (rubber ducks in particular).

The community there is so awesome and it’s a great way to improve on my drawing, writing, pixel art skills, photography and CSS/HTML coding. That place is limitless!

Yes, I’m a pretty creative person. I can’t deny it. (I’m modest too :lol:)

That’s some of my crazy obsessions! Join the trend and start posting your crazy obsessions!

Rubber ducks
Image via Wikipedia


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  1. Hmm… crazy obsessions… Well, I have a bit of a thing about order. I like to make things symmetrical, or sort them into groups, that sort of thing. xD I’m just a bit odd like that! It doesn’t cover everything, though, because my bedroom is a right tip! Other than that, I’d say I’m obsessed with creativity too. I’ve even noticed that if I don’t do something creative for a long period of time I get quite down – and as soon I pick up a project, the lift in my mood is astonishing. Weird!

    • Oh, I know what you mean! I was in a Maths class the other day and there was an illustration of a cube on the board and it was all isometrically incorrect and every one thought I was weird (pfft…I’m certainly not weird ^^;)

      😆 Really?

  2. selenia
    Hey, can I use your article on my website with a linkback?

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