Because I’m Going to Stick a Thermometer Through the Window

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School’s actually alright half the time. I don’t mind it as much as my peers and I’m usually focused but every now and then we do something at school which makes me seriously think if the staff have not thought it through. Some of the things we do at school can be described with one word: pointless.
Let’s take the other day for example. We had science first period and although I love the topic, the lessons are often quite tedious but only because of our (extremely) annoying class.

Any way, we were doing this experiment where we make a paper house, stick a beaker full of hot water beneath it and then poke a thermometer through the wall. There are a few things wrong with this experiment: 1) the paper gets soggy meaning that it’s not a fair test. 2) I don’t need to know this stuff because I can guarantee you that I will not be the one that insulates my home. Think about it. If i were to do that, I’d just put a poor house insulator person (what’s the word?) out of business. Thats not fair, is it? 3) one other thing that I can guarantee is that I will never, never, never stick a thermometer through my wall and shove a beaker full of boiling water beneath it just so that someone will step in it.

So, what’s my point? People need to think more practically – what’s going to be useful in life? Have you ever had any experiences of pointless activities or lessons? Share in the comments below.


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  1. Absolutely written articles , appreciate it for entropy.

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