Trending – but why?

Trends are the strangest of things, don’t you think? I’ve seen some pretty crazy trends in my time and I’m wondering a) how they start? b) who starts them? c) what does it take to get something trending? d) why do they trend?

Can you think of any thing particularly trending right now? I can, and I can name a few.

Nerd Alert!

Nerd AlertThe ‘Nerd’ look. Those big, nerdy glasses that everyone has, those bow ties and neat(ish) comb over hair. Half of the glasses-wearing teenage population are sporting a pair of those big, nerdy glasses (with an exception of me, of course). A few years back the nerdy look was not cool. How did the sudden jump from ‘steer clear’ to ‘trending’ occur? Who, may I ask, started this trend?

Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter E...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That hair!

Thanks to the likes of big time celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Ronan Parke, the population of this word is crawling with teenage boys with the big hair that has been inspired by the celebrities on this planet. Not to say there’s any thing wrong with it.

I know exactly who to blame for this trend – celebrities and people of a high profile spreading their substantial head of hair around on our television screens.

Social Networking

Now this is my kind of trend. From Facebook and Twitter to the likes of WordPress and deviantART, social networking sites are sweeping our nation. I ask you, what are your opinions on social networking? Love it, like it, dislike it or hate it? And who is responsible for the social networking craze that is developing our usage of the World Wide Web? Could it be Mr Mark Zuckerberg or perhaps it’s us, the users of these sites?

Image representing Mark Zuckerberg as depicted...
Image via CrunchBase

Do you know of any trends you want to share? Drop us a comment.

Signing off,

The Opinionated Duck


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