Kaitlin and Jumbo the Elephant

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not keen on the fact that my friends keep giving out my phone number to our peer members that I ‘accidentally forgot’ to give my number to. In fact I’m half expecting for some one to ring me up and have this sort of conversation:

Me: Hello?
???: Hello!
Me: Who is this?
???: Kaitlin
Me: Kaitlin? Sorry, I don’t know a Kaitlin.
Kaitlin: It’s me, Kaitlin. Kaitlin and Jumbo.

Once this conversation is over, I’ll probably find out that Kaitlin in my friends friends brothers best friends girlfriends cousins mother-in-laws nieces boyfriends sisters uncles daughter. And that Jumbo is her toy elephant.

So please, don’t pass on your friends number without their permission. Thanks


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