Interview Central: luckydesigns

Opening words?
Hi! I’m luckydesigns. I love photography and anything to do with photoshop, as well as animals and outdoor activities in general. I love to travel and see new places, and I also play many sports. Feel free to note [contact via deviantART] me about anything, I won’t bite. 🙂

Tell us a little about your artistic background?
Welll. When I first started dA [deviantART] just over two years ago, I came here just for my photomanipulation – mostly equine. I wasn’t very good at it, but through practice I came to love how you could take two+ totally different stock pictures and make them into something beautiful. I’m mainly a self-taught artist, getting help from a few tutorials when I need it. However, I began to become more serious about my photography hobby. I ended up buying a Nikon D3100, and I love going out around the farm to take photos. I could never really decide between photomanipulation and photography, so I basically just do a little of both.

Where do you find inspiration?
I don’t usually get artist’s block or whatever, sometimes I just can’t find the time. However, when I do need inspiration I love to listen to music, or sit outside and wait for something to spark my imagination. I also enjoy looking through groups on dA [deviantART], to get a taste of some photography and whatnot I could be doing.

Any favourite artists?
I’ve always been inspired by 3wyl, but I’ve also found some amazing photographers like brenditaworks, shardwind, Fwirll, and lieveheersbeestje.

What is the artistic achievement of yours that you are most proud of?
Hmm…well, I can’t really say I’ve gotten anything like a DD [Daily Deviation feature] or an award, because I really haven’t, but I have taken some of my photography to 4H and won a few prizes/ribbons for them.

What motivates you to continue creating?
Basically life, in general. I find it very interesting how one can put so much emotion into one piece, and each one of their pieces can represent life’s ups and downs. Photography-wise, I love how you can capture a memory that will last a lifetime, in just seconds.

What books could you just not put down?
The Hunger Games. Hands down! I have the series now, and I’ve read them at least three times since I learned about the books. I’m super excited for the movie in just a few weeks!

One fact about yourself that only a few people know about?
I’m a very insecure person, even though I have wonderful friends and a great family, and really nothing to be nervous/insecure about.

What tips can you offer to better oneself in their artwork?
If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask another artist or a friend! If you’ve got no inspiration, find some! Listen to music, go on a trip, spend some time with old friends. This is one of my favorite blogs and I think it’s a great source of inspiration. A while back they posted 101 Ways To Have A Great Day, which is something you should definitely check out. :

Basically, practice makes perfect.

Any parting words/words of encouragement to the audience?
I must thank pixiepot for interviewing me, it was an honor!


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