I Have Changed People’s Lives

Think me conceited but this post isn’t what you think it’s about. I have indeed changes lives – and lots of them. As have you, the boy next door and you’re first English teacher. I don’t mean one of those large acts of kindness that you’ve committed have changed lives, although they may have. I mean something as small as meeting some one.

Last year you met some one new at work, got chatting and got to know each other. BAM! One life changed. Before hand, they didn’t know you. Now things would be very different if you hadn’t of met them.

For example, I have a friend who used to be a neighbour. I knew of then but didn’t know them personally until one day I met her and her son (who is around my age) in the car park in the flats in which I used to live in. Since that day that friend has had a daughter and another son. We’ve got to know them and the things we’ve done for them and they’ve done for us would have changed our lives drastically if we hadn’t done so. My life and their lives have now been drastically changed for the better.

In what ways have you changed some one’s lives?


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