Face Your Dragons

St. George Dragons
St. George Dragons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was in fact St George’s Day, or, in other words, a day to celebrate the heroic acts of St George, England‘s patron saint.

St George was famous for fighting off a dragon but this is obviously incorrect, dragons didn’t and don’t exist. However, it’s the literal dragons that don’t exist. Now, lets spin ourselves around (I hope you’re sitting in a spinning seat, it’s much more fun that way) and take a look on the metaphorical meaning of dragons. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the saying face your demons. Well, taking a look at dragons metaphorically, we can replace the word ‘demons’ with the word ‘dragons’. Face your dragons. 

The meaning of this is that you have to face your fears. Whether it be showing the world your writing, public speaking, spiders or even the colour yellow. I’m going to set my readers a task, for the sake of St George I present you with the challenge, should you choose to accept it, to face one of your personal dragons by Friday 27th April, 2012. If you need any support in doing so, or want to tell me what dragon you overcame, please leave me a comment.

Good luck, now go face your dragons!


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