What deviantART has done right

Not only had deviantART provided a platform for its millions of users to share their creativity and developed and offered resources to help increase the level of skill and creativity of their members but it has also developed something that’s growing much harder to find within the modern society. A community.

A few weeks ago I went to watch the Hunger Games. Before the film there were the adverts. There was one advert advertising a tablet. (I believe it was Samsung, though I may be wrong.) They included deviantART muro within the advert. I saw the advert and I was proud to be a deviant.

Compared the the larger social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, deviantART is relatively small. Not many people know about it, particularly where I come from. This made me all the more proud.

My point is, deviantART is not just a place to share you art. It delves much deeper into the hearts of it’s members. It really is a community.


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