National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month Web Badge
National Novel Writing Month Web Badge (Photo credit: ajsundby)

For all you writers or aspiring writers out there, you’ll probably be aware of a little event called National Novel Writing Month, or abbreviated as NaNoWriMo.

If you’re not, here’s a little overview of what it’s all about, and I’ll warn you, it may just be too much fun for you to handle:

NaNoWriMo is an annual creative writing project spanning a whole month dedicated to writing. It begins on 1st November and ends on 31st Novemeber. It is coordinated by the non-profit organization The Office of Letters and Light. The project challenges participants to write 50,000 words of a new novel in one month. Of course, you don’t have to do just that. Take myself, for example. The novel I am currently writing will be the novel I work on during this month. Aiming to write 50,000 new words of my novel, of course I’ll need a little warming up.

This is where Camp NaNoWriMo comes in. Camp NaNoWriMo provides the online support, tracking tools, and hard deadline to help you write the rough draft of your novel in one month. 2012 Camp sessions will take place in June and August.

Resources That You May Need:
FirstWriter is a website with lists of Literary Agents, Book Publishers, Writing Competitions and much, much more.
NaNoWriMo Resources has lots of resources for you to use including inspiring pep talks from many writers a lot of who are published!



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  1. Hey Op.D!
    I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger award!

  2. Hey, aren’t you a bit out of date? ” It begins on 1st November and ends on 31st Novemeber.” Erm..? Sorry to point it out(:

    • Hi Amy, did you actually read the post? 😆 If you read it properly, you’ll see that I have clearly stated that the event begins on 1st November and finishes on 31st November. I then go onto talking about Camp NaNoWriMo which runs through June and August.

      Thanks 🙂

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