Very Inspiring Blogger Award

You heard it here. Thanks to the trememdous David McGowan, I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Many thanks to David, this is a true pleasure.

Here are a few truly inspiring blogs that I nominate


Momentary Solutions – Tanya has M.E, she loves art and her blog can only be described with one word: inspirational. I urge you to read this blog and follow Tanya on her journey with M.E.
Hobbling Around – We’ve all heard of the Hobbler, right? Well, if you haven’t, you most

certainly should have. The girl is funny, and I don’t mean a little giggle funny, I mean a split your sides open funny. Seriously. Check her out. 😆
Moments Of Exhilaration – Started off as a mummy blog but now it’s so much more. Follow this blog for the joys and struggles of life with a toddler.
Pouring My Art Out – This blog is self-explanatory. You have to read it, or else. Once yo

u’ve read it, please give me a sentence that sums up just how amazing it is. Why are you still here? Go read.
The Life and Time of Nathan Badley… – 😆 This is funny. Nathan is always up for a laugh and his use of sarcasm is hilarious.

Here are seven facts about me:

1. I have a deviantART account here.

2. I’d love to be a published writer.
3. I am working on my debut novel!
4. My birthday was on the 25thMay!


5. I love write – but then again, that’s a given.
6. I love to draw (digitally or traditionally).
7. I love spaghetti bolognase – without mushrooms!

Thank you once again the David!


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