That Dreaded Alarm

Beep, beep. Here it goes again. The dreaded alarm. The symbol that you have to get up. Now.

I want to turn it off, it’s warm under the covers and if I get up I’ll be cold. But all the same, I really do need to get up.

Five more minutes.

I hit the snooze button.

There we are, I’ll get up when it goes off again. Promise.

Five minutes later. Beep, beep. I check the time.

I really don’t have to be up for another twenty minutes, do I? I’ll tell you what. I’ll just have a few more minutes shut eye. That’ll be all.

I set a timer for twenty minutes time.

Is that you? When your alarm goes off on a morning, is it hard for you to get up right away if you finally manage to get up at all? The alarm sings it’s awakening song and all you do is press snooze?

English: Alarm clock 日本語: 目覚まし時計
English: Alarm clock 日本語: 目覚まし時計 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you get out of this terrible habit, you ask me? Well, lets think about it. How did you learn to ride your bike? How did you learn to write? How did you learn to do anything? You practice. You practice. You practice. Make this practising getting up straight away a habit, engrave it into your daily routine.

But that won’t work, you tell me. Waking up isn’t the same as riding a bike. You’re correct. It’s completely different. But the way you practice doing each thing isn’t.

Take for example, Jimmy*. Jimmy is a seven year old boy. He wants to learn how to ride a bike so that he can ride to school. He needs to practice. But he can’t practice whilst he’s riding to school because what if he can’t do it? He might fall off of his bike and therefore become late for school. He needs to practice at a different time. So, his father takes Jimmy out to the park during the weekend to practice. These practising sessions will be put into action on Tuesday, when Jimmy braves the roads and rides his bike to school.

Jimmy is very much like you. Sure, you’re not a seven year old boy learning to ride a bike** but you are a person who needs to practise for the ‘big event’ aka getting up when your alarm goes off.

So, I have a task for you. Go into your bedroom during the day and adjust it to how it is before you go to bed. Now you have a bedroom ready for sleeping in.  Get changed into what you’d usually wear for bed, brush your teeth and get into bed. Set your alarm for five minutes time and lie there as if you were asleep. If you can, fall into a light snooze. Feel yourself drifting away, sinking into your mattress, you’re warm again…

Beep, beep!

There it goes again, your dreaded alarm. Now quickly turn it off. Yawn to fill your lungs with oxegyn and therefore feel more awake. Sit up straight and yawn again. Get out of bed, make the bed quickly (it doesn’t have to be neat) and (if you have a sink in your room or a bathroom/kitchen close to your bedroom) get a cold glass of water.***

Next you might want to get dressed into your work/school/normal clothes and get some breakfast like you’d usually do when you wake up. After that, get changed back into your pyjamas/bed clothes and repeat the process.

The more you practice, the more natural it will feel to get up when you put it into action and your alarm goes off.

Sure, it seems like a silly method but it works. Give it a go.

Top Tip: Change your alarm tone if you can on a regular basis so that your brain doesn’t get used to the sound and ignore it, as of such.

*Disclaimer: There is no Jimmy, he is fictional and used for the purpose of this blog only.
**Well, you might be.
***TOP TIP: You might want to fill up a glass of water before you go to bed/practice going to bed and leave it on the side to cool. Then when you wake up, it will be very refreshing.


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