Interview Central: Nathan Glamorous

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a great guy called Nathan who goes by the show name of Nathan Glamorous. This is an interview with him.

Hey Nathan, can you give us a short introduction about yourself?
Well I know it sounds, rather odd, but I’d describe myself earthy, but with a flair.

Great description! Given by your deviantART gallery, you’re a writer, what inspired you to first start writing?
Well, it was a english project, I was going through an “emo” phase, so I thought poetry! I still write, but now on a variety of topics, not just emo.

Have you any inspirations or favourite artists/writers?
Well, I am really inspired by Jeffree Star, and Blood on the dance floor. I love their work, and I see it sometimes come through in my work.

Can you tell us a little about your artistic background?
Well, my mom was always artistic, she loves doing all sorts, like scraps books, birdhouses and that type of stuff. So I grew up with an artist. I remember one year for christmas, I painted a nutcracker for my dad!

That’s so sweet! So tell me, What motivates you to continue creating?
I find when I have a bad day, or am overwhlemed, sitting down with a cup of chai tea, and writting a poem, or drawing, really helps me relax!
I just feel so warm and fuzzy after creating something! Like I have a new perspective!

Have you got any favourite pieces of art that you created and you’d like to share?
I think this and this are my best poems!

They are amazing pieces of poetry!
Now I’m interested to hear your answer on this one, what books could you just not put down?

Aww thanks! I’d say The Mortal Instruments series.
Just so spellbinding!

One fact about yourelf that only a few people know about?
I’m a hopeless romantic! I just find romance, so beautiful.

That’s wonderful! Now what tips can you offer to better oneself in their artwork?
I consider myself no grand teacher, but I think, that you need to feel and understand your subject matter. So always study!

That’s an amazing tip. Would you like to make anyone aware of something?
I proudly sponsor, The L Project, it’s a UK Charity Single, to raise awareness of LGBT bullying.

Any parting words/words of encouragement?
To always be yourself, you are who you are. Don’t let anyone change that.


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  1. Hey, nice interview!
    And you know the English Essay due in? Well have you got a copy of the list of things we need to include on the sheet that Sir gave us that you could email me? He’ll kill me if he finds out I haven’t done anything… THANKS! Or if there’s any problems then just tweet me @amyannewilliams (just making sure you remember lol).

    • Thanks.

      Oh, I don’t have the sheet! Sorry. I know that you have to include an intro., the similarities and differences, how sci-fi has developed and a conclusion. I can’t think of anything else, sorry. I thought you’d finished your draft anyway?

      See you on monday. 🙂

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