Interview Central: Kate Maryon

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing author Kate Maryon. Girls (and boys, if you like), I thoroughly recommend purchasing Kate’s books.

Thank you for agreeing to this interview, have you any opening words?
The most important thing in the world is LOVE because love is what we are.

Can you tell us a little bit about your ‘writing background’? (When you started writing, what inspired you to start writing ect.)
I started writing when I was 2  ( lots of squiggles at first) – I had a really traumatic childhood and writing was a way of expressing all my fear and worry. I didn’t get my first book published until I was 47 though! So never give up on your dreams!

As a well known author, do you often get recognised in the streets or public places?
Not often – it’s happened a few times – but fame is just a myth – every time we project fame onto someone we diminish ourselves, so don’t go there – everyone is as amazing as everyone else. What we do for a living isn’t anything to do with who we really are – who we really are is love coming through us as life.

Where do you find inspiration when you’re running low?
I never run low – there’s inspiration all around – watch a leaf falling from a tree, a person walking across the road, feel deep into your own heart – there’s so much to write about.

What achievement are you most proud of?
Having my beautiful children and watching them to grow into the awesome adults they‘ve become – I love them with all my heart.

What motivates you to continue writing?
The burning feeling inside me that just wants to express stuff through words.

Keeping to the theme of the blog, what topic do you suppose you are most opinionated about?Love. I’m passionate about people recognising how amazing they already are, about how much love they’re swimming in, when when life is tough love is always there.
What is one fact that barely any people know about you?
I sometimes wear my daughters Ugg boots in bed if I’m having a big writing day. Bed is my most favourite place to write and I love the cosy feeling of her boots! xxx
What tips can you offer aspiring writers?
Write about what you love – feel into your heart and you’ll find all the stories you ever needed to write just sitting there, waiting for you to give them some attention.

Writers are often stuck for ideas, some go as far to call this writers block. How do you get past writers block or/and come up with your ideas?
I’ve never had writer’s block – if you do then just open a magazine, look at a picture of a person and imagine what they’re like. Then add a few other images of random stuff and places and a story will form. Imagine a character and then ask them lots of questions about themselves, they’ll tell you their story.

A lot of doors close on the journey on becoming a writer, how did you manage to push them open?
I was really lucky – when I decided I wanted to write professionally I sent my work off and was quickly picked up by an agent and then a publisher. When I was younger I sent off picture book text and when I had rejections from them I felt disappointed but just kept going, being true to myself.<

What books could you just not put down?
I loved ‘My name is Mina‘ by David Almond, ‘Love, Aubrey‘ by Suzanne La Fleur. I had to keep on reading and reading – I couldn’t put them down.

Many people have issues at school that sometimes prevent them from pursuing their dreams, how did you cope with school?
I loved primary school but found secondary school really hard. I was quite shy, I was still suffering from the hard time I’d had when I was small and I often didn’t even make it to school. My mum was ok with this – I just used to stay home and do other stuff. I’ve always pursued my dreams though – somehow I knew deep down that it was really important and that doing stuff that didn’t feel true to me was never going to work. So I’ve done loads of jobs and had some time with very little money – but I’ve always stayed true to me.

Have you any projects/products you would like to make the readers aware of?
My main project in life is to encourage people to live their passion. I hate the idea of anyone lying on their death bed thinking – ‘I wish I’d done…” Life is so short and utterly precious, we have to gasp it with both hands and live it to the max.

Thank you for this interview Kate, have you any parting words?
Remember you are love and that you’re, loved every minute of your life, that you are awesome and talented and brilliant beyond your very wildest dreams!

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’ve loved answering all your questions. xxx love love love xxx

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