Can You Crack The Code?

Turing at the time of his election to Fellowsh...
Turing at the time of his election to Fellowship of the Royal Society. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a few days ago I sat in my IT [Internet Technology] lesson as my teacher spoke about the ‘father of computer science’, Alan Turing. To my suprise, I logged onto Google and was greeted with a nice interactive Doodle on their homepage. Now I’m one to know that Google have Doodle’s on their homepage for special occasions. For me, this was the surprising part. When I hovered over the Doodle, it told me that if this English mathematician was still alive today it would be 23rd June 2012 when he celebrated his 100th Birthday. Today is Alan Turing’s 100th Birthday.

Here are some facts about the amazing man that is Alan Turing:

  1. Alan Turing devised techniques to crack Nazi important, encrypted correspondences between the Nazis in the Second World War.
  2. Just a few years after the war ended, Alan was unfortunately arrested and convicted for being homosexual.
  3. At just 41 years old, Alan Turing committed suicide. It is speculated that he ate an apple containing cyanide poisoning.
  4. Rumours have it that the famous Apple Logo is in tribute of Turing as he died having taken a bite from an apple.
  5. Alan graduated with mathematics from King’s College, University of Cambridge in 1934. During the Second World War he joined the British Government‘s Code and Cypher School and for his efforts in helping break the cryptic messages used by the Germans during the war he was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire.

And so I conclude, happy 100th birthday to the father of computer science. You shall always be remembered.

Please leave your thoughts and tributes to this wonderful man in the comments, I’d appreciate it. Please also take a look at the related articles.


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