How I Learnt To Love Competition

Like anything, competition has it’s pros and it has its cons. For me, the cons of competition were always more obvious, I didn’t understand why competition was a good thing. After all, it often brought out the evil in people, right?

I was right, competition can bring out the evil in people. It can bring out the need to sabotage your opponents, a need to win and a need to be the best -always. Though over the last few years, I’ve learnt that although Competition (Note the capital letter. Yes, Competition is an important monster too.) is an ugly monster, it is one of the best monsters you could ever encounter. In this post I’ll be telling you the story of how a little monster named Competition became one of my best friends.

Today I was lying on my bed, staring at the blank blog post. Procrastination was one monster I didn’t want to take over my life though he seemed to be winning the battle. I knew what it was that would spark my imagination, I just needed to draw pull him out of bed.

“Competition!” I called (mentally, of course. And no, I’m not mad). I closed my eyes as my little friend Competition hobbled from his bed, grunting loudly.

“There you are, now, I need a boost.” I smiled as I continued speaking to Competition mentally (you have to be extremely smart you have mental conversations with monsters, you know).

Suddenly I found my hand moving my mouse towards the Google Search and typing in the name of a blog I like to keep tabs on (it’s my competitive drive). As I watched the blog, I noticed the blog views count creeping up slowly but steadily. I reverted back to my blog, the pageviews were static. I sighed. Pageviews were but a number but I’ll hold this against myself forever if I don’t beat this blog some time soon. And so, I went back to my empty blog post, Competion snuggled back into his bed and my fingers began typing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Competition can bring the best out of you, no matter how scary he seems.

What I’ve Learnt About Competition That Made Me Love Him:

– Competition only has your best interest at heart. Learn to trust him.
– Competition can drive you forward, making you want to work for your goals.
– Competition can bring the best out of you, even if it means bringing out a little bit of your bad side too. But, hey? No pain no game, I guess. 😉

What do you think of Competition? Does he drive you forward, do you approve of one’s competitive side? Will you learn to love Competition or will he always be the demon in your eyes?



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  1. Nice post. I like how you have referred to Procrastination and whatnot as a ‘monster’. Good way to keep the post relateable.

  2. Woah, DEEP. Though, honestly, I hate Competition. It really annoys me when someone has like 50000000 pageviews, and here I am with only the bare minimum. And it doesn’t drive me on, if anything it just pushes me back, because there’s the feeling in my gut that if I do overtake them or whatnot, then they’d be peeved off with me for caring more about blogs than our friendship or whatever (I’m sticking to your example(: ).

    Also, you okay? How you feeling now? Oh, and MY Google Search results for your blog are;

    ‘Interview Central: Kate Maryon | Opinionated Duck
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    pixiepot on deviantART
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    The Opinionated Psoas, Part 1 || Massage Therapy Articles
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    Just incase you’re interested(:

    But I don’t google you anyway, you’re on my Favourite bar(:

    • I know what you mean, though I had this conversation with the friend that I mentioned in the blog just three or four days ago and he said that the competition drove him forward and I agree. I know that he won’t be annoyed if I ‘overtake’ him because it will just give him the bigger push to fight forward some more. Hence why I began writing the post. I understand what you mean though, sometimes it can be pretty disheartening to see someone with so many blog views/followers ect. when you’re stuck with such a low number.

      I’m good thanks. I should be back tomorrow, I stopped throwing up so much. 😆

      Oh and sorry it took me so long to reply, WordPress spammed your comment. I’m guessing it’s because of all of those links… O_o

      I don’t Google your blog either, but not because you’re on my favourites bar – I disabled that ages a go. I just know your URL. 😆

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