The Stroop Test

You can see the picture above, yes? It’s named the Stroop Test and it is a significantly tricky test that really works your brain hard. Why not have a go at the Stroop Test, seeing as you’re already here. All you have to do is read the colour of each word out loud. This means that you do not say what it says but the colour of the word.

Done? Good. How long did it take you? Comment and let me know. Unless you have a seriously fit mind, it probably took a while and even then, I’m sure you weren’t all that accurate. Let me know in a comment.

It was in 1935 that John Ridley Stroop became the first to publish this exercise that puts your brain to the test.

It challenges ones attention skills, or more scientifically, one’s selective attention. Which element to focus on and which to ignore? Good selective attention can be vital to avoid errors. Individuals with ADHD or who suffer from depression find this more difficult than the majority of people. If you found this extremely difficult it could be a sign that your selective attention is poorer than the average persons, if you found it easy, your selective attention may be extremely high.

What do you think of the Stroop Test? How did you do?


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