Weekly Roundup #1

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup, something I aim to complete every Sunday from now on. It will feature posts of this week, my goals for the week coming and as it finds it’s place on my blog, much much more.

This Weeks Posts

Next Weeks Goals

  • Submit a piece of Flash Fiction.
  • Complete a meme.
  • Reach 2000 blog views.
  • Gain one new blog follower.

This weeks statistics

  • At the time of writing this blog posts, the weeks blog view statistics reaches 258 views.
  • Five blog posts published (excluding this one).
  • 4th of July was my busiest day with 62 blog views.

In conclusion

Though I’m always aiming for each week to better itself, I think I’ll find it tough to exceed this weeks statistics seeing as my audience is currently so small. I hope to branch out on my audience each week, as you can see one my goals this week is to gain one new follower. If I do so, I may increase that to gaining two new followers next week. It might be hard but I’m prepared to work for it. I know that your audience doesn’t just appear and that I need to put my foot down and expand it. If everyone would like to help me with this, by sharing my blog posts, liking my posts or even commenting on my blog posts I’d really appreciate it and won’t hesitate if you ask me to do the same for you. 🙂

Thank you and here’s to a great week ahead of us!


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