I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Cover of "I Am Number Four (Lorien Legaci...
Cover of I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies)

Title: I Am Number Four
Author: Pittacus Lore
Star Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Science Fiction
Blurb: In the beginning we were nine.
We left when we were very young, almost too young to remember. Almost. And now…
Three are gone.
We are here to keep our race alive, which was almost entirely obliterated. We’re just trying to survive.
Six are left.
But we are hunted, and the hunters won’t stop until they’ve killed us all.
They caught Number One in Malaysia. Number Two in England. And Number Three in Kenya. I am Number Four.
I know that I am next.
My Thoughts: I don’t read science fiction. Science fiction is pretty boring – in my opinion. How wrong could I have been?

This action packed, science fiction novel for teenager sure covers a lot of territory, venturing into the world of superheroes, aliens, high school, bullying and romance. It’s a thrilling page turner which I can guarantee you won’t want to put down.

At first, it was an uncomfortable book to read. It didn’t feel quite right. But this was down to personal preference. The book is written in the present tense and I’m more experienced in reading books written in the past tense, however, once I got used to the change in tenses I was quickly drawn into the book, thoroughly enjoying every second of it.

However, no one can deny the books faults. I’m debating whether or not you really can call this book a science fiction novel as, the majority of it, seems to be simply made up of magic. No explanations to the ‘science’. It doesn’t seem very well thought through.

Though this book is a must read if you like a book that keeps you guessing with little mystery, a lot of action and heart stopping story lines. But be prepared to find faults, like with any book.

Storyline: Number Four is now a fifteen year old named John Smith – well, that’s his most recent identity, anyhow. He’s not from around here. Earth, I mean. John spent his life moving from house to house, swapping identities each time with his ‘Cepan’, Henri seeing as he is one of the nine Garde who stole onto Earth as young children after their home planet, Lorien, was destructed by the Mogadorians who now hunt the children.

I Am Number Four opens with Number Three being killed. The nine Garde are bound together by some bound meaning that they can only be killed in their order. John is Number Four.

Fortunately, Loriens are the spit of humans. No one would ever guess any different. Apart from their super powers, that is. John has to be careful not to showcase his powers as they develop or else one of the Mogadorians could track him down and, well, you know what’ll happen if they do…

Random Extract: Another new identity, another new school. I’ve lost track of how many there have been over the years. Fifteen? Twenty? Always a small town, a small school, always the same routine. New students draw attention. Sometimes I question our stratergy of sticking to the small towns because it’s hard, almost impossible, to go unnoticed. But I know Henri’s rational: it is impossible for them to go unnoticed as well.

The school is three miles away from our house. Henri drives me in the morning. It’s smaller than most of the others I’ve attended and it’s unimpressive looking, one story, long and low-slung. A mural of a pirate with a knife between his teeth covers the outside wall beside the door.

“So you’re a Pirate now?” Henri says beside me.



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