Flash Fiction: Hunted

I thought it was time for some Flash Fiction. This is pretty raw – no editing whatsoever. I’m also pretty tired as it’s been a long week for me so this isn’t really up to standard. I apologise but hope you enjoy it nevertheless. I’ll revise this sometime. Another week. When I’m far more alert. 😆

I remember the last time we ended up like that. There were three of us then. Three careless twelve-year olds. We didn’t know of the dangers that awaited us. That people looked to kill us. That we were hunted.

I closed my eyes, remembering the day that I heard Jake’s piercing scream. I remembered running into the forests with Gary, hand in hand, searching for our friend. I remembered finding him, pinned to a tree by a spear that had travelled straight through his cold, dead body.

I often doubted our sense, sneaking back into the woods to hunt. That’s until I remembered that we had to survive somehow. With no family remaining, it was hard for two sixteen year olds to survive without being killed.

Why us? That was a question I often asked myself. But I knew the answer only too well.

We had gifts unlike any others. Extreme intelligence, agility, stealth, survival and deductive skills and a good logic. Gary had recently shown me that we could take it one step forward. He had developed our first power through sheer concentration and perseverance. X-Ray vision.

They wanted us dead. They were only known as the Hunters – a group of six men who want to destroy our ‘species’. Their logic behind doing so? That still remains a mystery to all.

I opened my eyes as Gary tightened the bandage around my wounded arm. I cried out in pain.

“Don’t worry honey, focus on something else.” My best friend smiled reassuringly. “Leave me to take care of your injuries.”

I forced myself to smile, wanted Gary to understand that I appreciated the help that he provided.

I obeyed his instruction to focus on something else. I began to focus on the berry bush roughly five metres away from where we sat. That’s until…

Crunch. Someone was coming. I shot Gary a look, petrified. He shoved his bag into my lap and carried me behind a tree. Not that a tree would help if it were the Hunters out there.

“Wait there…” Gary whispered.

“No!” I pleaded, reaching out to him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back.” He didn’t look to sure. “Everything you need to survive is in that bag if I don’t.” he gestured towards his bag.

I was exhausted. A long day of hunting had left me wounded and tired. I had no energy to plead further and so I decided to trust him – he would be perfectly fine.

Gary left me as he scurried into the clearing.

I never saw him again.

I sit here now and I remember how I heard the gun shot. How I knew I was alone. My best friends were gone – murdered by the Hunters who still look for me now and I know that it was the right decision to come here. To come to London where I can sell my book. The story of how three kids were hunted. Only one survived.



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  1. Okay I know you want me to be honest so here goes…loved it only one thing one minute you are twelve next you are 16 without any passage of time just pick one or put in a line to convey time has passed other than that really good

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