Weekly Roundup #2

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This weeks posts

last weeks goals

      • Submit a piece of Flash Fiction.
        I got round to doing this this week. Unfortuantely, I was pretty tired when I did so and therefore it lacks anything any good. Nevertheless, you can find it here
      • Complete a meme.
        Complete! I finished the Rainbow meme!
      • Reach 2000 blog views.
        Positive. I’ve exceeded my 2000 blog views goal.
      • Gain one new blog follower.
        I also completed this! 🙂

next weeks goals

    • Reach 2500 blog views.
    • Gain two new blog followers.
    • Write a more humorous post than the posts post recently.
    • Write a post including aspects of my day-to-day life.

This weeks statistics

  • At the time of writing this blog posts, the weeks blog view statistics reaches 306 views.
  • I published five blog posts excluding this one.
  • 14th July was my busiest day with a total of 101 views.

In conclusion

I’m always looking for tips on how to improve this blog and, ultimately, my writing. Statistics is just a number no matter how proud it may make one feel. Feedback is most valuable here. If you’d like to contribute to making this blog a better blog in general, please take this survey. It is a value part of my research in marketing and business studies as well as the improvement of this blog.

Thank you! 🙂


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