Fit For A Duck

British Summertime is famous for lacking a vital part of Summer. The good weather. You see as I walked home from school last Wednesday I wrapped my coat firmly around myself. It was cold. Nothing new there then. The rain was dropping from the skies in angry bursts. Then it was all over, the sun came out brightening up the sky for at least ten seconds! I removed my coat and walked to the end of the road. Oh no! The skies just got angry again. My coat goes back on. Oh wait. Now it’s somewhat warm. Off comes the coat. Damn it, here comes the rain. It was an on and off storm. Thunder, lightning and rain. It was something I was quite used to.

My trip home from school usually always results in this strange movement in which I regularly remove and replace the coat off and onto my body because of the weather. If someone were to see me participating in this strange act, they might think I wasn’t comfortable. But I am comfortable. Just too hot. Then too cold. And it’s all the fault of British Summertime. You see, my actions are misleading. People must look at me and want to buy me a new coat, seeing as this one is seemingly so uncomfortable.*

Okay. Let’s sort this mess out. I’ve gone off track. I’m not meant to be talking about coats – in fact, coats are irrelevant to this story. I apologise for misleading you. Now, where was I…

Oh yes! British Summertime.

Ducks love British Summertime, you know. And so do I. I love the rain. I love the storms. They’re so…inspirational. Unfortunately, not everyone shares my view…

Any way, back to walking home from school. Now, I’m nearly home. In fact, I can see my house from here. Now, this is essential: you must remember that it is the middle of July. Got that? Alright. Back to the story.

And so, I’m walking, minding my own business, when something rudely interrupts my train of though. Plonk! There it is again. I look up. Lighting strikes. Thunder roars. Hail falls. Wait. Rewind. Hail? In July? I’d never seen that before. Oh well. I put my head down and walked a little faster. Plonk! Plonk! The hail was getting faster! It was catching up.

And then I was home. I ran through the door and, closing it behind me, I ran up the stairs and onto the landing. I looked out of the window. The hail was larger than any hail I had ever seen before. The lighting was striking swiftly accompanied by the deafening thunder. It is JULY! Summertime. Storms? Hail? Thunder and lighting? Rain? In July? Wait, scrap some of that. I correct myself. Hail? In July?

Can I just raise attention to the fact than in the last few months Britain was declared in drought! Do they look outside on a morning?

And so I conclude, after the attack of hail I got thinking about the weather. How uncontrollable it is. Can we prevent this? You tell me. 😉

*I bet a stranger wouldn’t buy me a new coat even if it were uncomfortable. Not that I’d want them too… *shifty*


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