Finding Myself

Recently I’ve been trying to find my individual style. Or so I led myself to believe. In matter of fact I have been subconsciously looking for some else’s style. A style to mimic.

I have been searching for that writing/blogging/drawing style that I thought to be my own when really I am just trying to be other people. I didn’t realise that the person who I should have been searching for was right back at the start. Me.

I’m starting myself on a journey to find my own style. This means I’m not going to be out to please others because I truly cannot do that if I’m not myself.

I’m not going to write posts to educate others but to educate myself. I’m not going to write posts to humour others but to humour myself. I will write for myself. Draw for myself. Be myself. And I shall continue to do so until I’ve found my feet within my individual style.

I decided to let my readers know this because you’ll probably be hearing some posts in the near future that vary or are different to usual. If not then you can presume I’ve found my style.

Thank you for listening and I hope you still enjoy my blog. 🙂

Spoiler Alert: I may be posting something on character design in the foreseeable future. I am yet to make my mind up. 😉


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