To Do List: Week of 23/7/2012

Since my beloved readers are so thoughtful and interested in my boring  extravagant life, I thought I might share with you this weeks To Do List. 😉

to do list

  • Do some (traditional) sketching
  • Do some (traditional) ink paintings
  • Start a (digital) drawing
  • Write at least two chapters of my WIP novel
  • Blog
  • Complete Mi Vida Loca
  • Watch two episodes of The Good Wife (Season Three) (For note taking purposes only ;))
  • Watch two episodes of Smallville (Season Three) (For note taking purposes only ;))
  • Watch two episodes of New Tricks and/or Hustle (For note taking purposes only ;))
  • Finishing coding one of the websites I am working on

Do you ever write to do lists? They always help me focus. You should try it some time, in fact, leave me a comment with your to do list for today or this week!

Hustle (TV series)
Hustle (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. I recently received a tip for daily to-do lists: make them on a piece of paper no bigger than a Post-It note. This tactic ensures it is (a) well prioritised, as you only have space to add the really important ones and (b) realistic – it’s impossible to achieve lists that are much bigger and to fail is disheartening. Still plucking up the courage to be that ruthless myself – but I have cut my action list from A4 to A5!

  2. you’re going to be taking lots of notes! lol

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