Deadlines Shall Demolish Procrastination

Recently I’ve continued with my love of coding websites with CSS and HTML and editing photographs in Photoshop. It’s quite refreshing since the last few weeks have been full of homework and end of year revision though I’m pleased to say that with the holiday’s now here I have six weeks of relaxing and being (somewhat) productive without having to worry about school deadlines. This means that without school deadlines I can commit myself to commission deadlines and personal deadlines.

And so I come onto the topic on deadlines.* As much as people loath deadlines, I cannot help but think that without deadlines this world could suffer greatly. In fact, the worst monster** of all may just take over the world: Procrastination.

Say a knight has an assignment given to them by the Government to save a Princess from the tower. If it gets too late, the Princess shall die. However, no one knows when it shall get too late and without a deadline this is no longer a priority of the knight’s. He can rescue the Princess whenever he feels like it. That’s if he feels like it at all. But what if it’s too late?

And so I conclude, if deadlines were used more frequently (maybe even for everything) and were slightly stricter, nothing would go undone and so deadlines shall demolish the art of Procrastination.

Don’t dismiss your deadlines or Procrastination might just rule the world some day. And no one wants that…

*Don’t you just adore my anecdote styled introduction?
** See How I Learnt To Love Competition to understand why I refer to Procrastination as a monster and why they have a capital letter at the beginning.



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  1. Working as a journalist, years ago, on a magazine with a monthly deadline got me (and the rest of the team) into the habit of messing about for the week after we’d gone to press, starting to think about work the following week, starting to plan a bit in week 3, and working all hours (complaining vehemently about the deadline, of course) in week 4. Still, 20+ years on, if I want to get anything done, I have to set myself a deadline.

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