Blogging Platforms

When a blogger embarks on their blogging journey one of the most important aspects of starting up has to be the blogging platform. Truth to be told, the blogging platform can make or break a blogger with their special features. I’m here, at your service, to give you a short synopsis on my favourite three blogging platforms (though the first one is the only one I’d ever be caught using XD) and ask for your opinion on your favourite blogging platforms on the poll above.

  1. WordPress
    WordPress is perhaps the most professional, feature-rich blogging platform available for free. Not only does it offer stunning themes to style your blog but it also offers SEO, anti-spam, sharing and traffic statistics tracking tools among it’s wide variety of features.If, for some reason, you need more than what the free version ( has to offer, you can instead purchase their premium features upgrade that includes the option to edit the themes to suit you, custom domains,and much, much more.
  2. TumblrTumblr
    You’ve probably already heard of Tumblr (if not, where have you been?) as it is a well-established, popular micro-blogging platform that is used by the millions, worldwide.It offers outstanding features such as custom domains, themes, audio blogging and even the opportunity to create community-powered group blogs!
  3. Blogger

    Google’s Blogger is also a well-known blogging platform that offers a variety of great features. It comes with a theme editor that lets you change your blog appearance though, in my person opinion, the themes do not even come close to comparing with the Tumblr and, more so, the WordPress themes.


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  1. I haven’t tried tumblr but I did try eblogger at first but the feedback i got from people was they didn’t like how awkward it was to comment on posts and it was a pain to follow through them

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