If you care about ART then you’ll support this…

Do you care about art? Do you care about the internet? I am here to address any one who does. Help is needed and I would appreciate all the help I can find, if you cannot help please read this, thank you.

Recently, deviantART announced that, via a new organization named Dadotart, they applied for manage a new Top Level Domain (TLD): “.ART.”
This means that the Internet addresses could end in .ART.

However, roughly a dozen other companies have also applied to manage it [.ART] though not all of them have applied for the good of the art world. In fact, many of them are large companies hoping to make a lot of profit despite the fact that they have very little things (if anything at all) to do with art.

Hence why deviantART has applied. They want to ensure that .ART is used for art purposes only – to protect .ART!

“Websites with .art would be cheap and easily available for anyone who is genuine about art and who wants to use this website for art related purposes. And anyone you give your url to, would be assured of real quality content. This would mean a revolution of the online art world, quite honestly.
If it ends up in the hands of those purely after profit, well – expect it to become another meaningless name like .com and .net. The name of ART thrown to shame, really.”

Quote from namenotrequired from ‘If you care about ART…

Why am I writing this post? Because you can help protect the future of art. This article explains all you need to know about how you can help out including commenting on that article, spreading the word and – best of all – writing a short comment to ICANN directly showing your support of Dadotart and deviantART.

For the love of art, let’s protect .ART today!


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