Weekly Roundup #4

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  • Reach 3,000 blog views.
    Yep, complete. At the time of writing this post I am currently on 3,609 blog views meaning I’ve passed this goal with flying colours and 609 views.
  • Gain one new blog follower.
    I did this thanks to one amazing follower! You know who you are. 😉
  • Write a post of a different format to ‘usual’, eg. poll, video ect.
    Blogging Platform was the post that was of a different format this week. Check it out!
  • Write at least four posts.
    I managed seven posts excluding this one this week, I’m pretty sure that that is my record for posts in one week.


  • Reach 4,000 blog views
  • Gain two new blog followers.
  • Write at least five posts.
  • Write a post of a different format to ‘usual’, eg. poll, video ect.
  • Stick to my new blogging schedule for a whole week


  • At the time of writing this blog posts, the weeks blog view statistics reaches 565 views.
  • I published 7 blog posts excluding this one.
  • 25th July was my busiest day with a total of 158 views.


This week was a great statistically and post-wise. I had a large amount of posts published and many views also. All of my goals were completed and some by quite a lot. Thank you to all my followers, viewers/readers, ‘likers’ and commenters! 🙂



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  1. While you know Ii love your blog I worry you are getting a little hung up on the stats, your posts are starting to really develop and you are giving more of an insight into your own thoughts that is why you are getting more hits and more followers, relax about the stats they will fluctate especailly over summer as people have holidays, are watching the olympics etc. One area I think you could explore are review, books you are reading, films you are watching, places you are going, I don’t know if you have a camera but I would take a bet there is one on your phone I suggest you start taking random photo’s of stuff aswell while you are out, things that catch your eye. They can be great inspiration for either observational posts or prompts for writing, just a few ideas, believe in your blog and the hits will come

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