How The Olympics Have Got My Thoughts Flowing

During the Olympics, I’ve not been short of thoughts. With some type of sport being shown every minute for at least seven hours, the general thoughts that occur to the average teenager whilst watching sport events are constantly running through my head.

Wow – she’s masculine. Wait, that is a woman, right?

He should totally win gold! …For cheating.

Some one should really tell him that he needs a haircut. No wonder he keeps missing the goal.

The Olympics have had my thoughts swimming through my mind. Logical and sometimes humorous thoughts entering my head at all times. Granted, not many of them are blog-worthy but nevertheless the Olympics sure have had my creative juices flowing.

How is the Olympics affecting you? Are they giving you more of a competitive edge? Are they having you itching for a jog? Yearning for a splash in the pool? Let me know in a comment. 😉



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  1. my main problem is at the minute keeping track of what is happening on what channel at what time, once upon a time the decision was made for you with it only being shown on one channel two at most now the red button gives around twenty choices at the minute am watching the horses doing cross country while trying to remember to keep checking for the diving I need more screens infact give me an edit room wall full of screens

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