Can you imagine a life with the absence of colour? Surely it would be a boring, somewhat lifeless and depressing life to live. Colour is as important in art as it is in life.

No matter the medium, whether it be a painting, a colour drawing or a colour photograph, the colours used and displayed are often the most essential element of any piece of visual art. What mood does this colour scheme give my painting? What colour scheme best represents this piece of artwork? Which colours go best together to create the perfect colour scheme? Which colours should I mix to create this specific colour? What impact shall this colour have on the rest of the piece of artwork? As an artist, these questions are something I often ask myself.

Colour is an important aspect of day to day life as it is in artwork and I have found some perfect examples of great use of colour in artwork that express the importance of colour. Please enjoy.

Cracking the Colour Code by goRillA-iNK
Colour My Heart by julyshewolf
Find the Colour by toko
Colourful House by lieveheersbeestje
Reflection of Colour by EliseEnchanted
Honeycomb Colour by brainleek07

I’ve also taken some pictures myself to demonstrate the use of colour in photography:

(C) Me.
(C) Me.
(C) Me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and taking a look at the wonderful colourful pictures I have found and shot.

What does colour mean to you? Are you colour blind? Can you imagine a world without colour?



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  1. Really lovely curation of pictures and I agree that colour is especially important to give this world light!

  2. Thank you very much! 🙂

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