The Inspirational Sandwich

Chicken sandwich
Mmm…chicken sandwich… (Photo credit: newformula)

There I stood. In the queue at a shop. I was frantically scanning the overhead menu for the perfect sandwich. As I mentally analysed each type of bread, each topping, each filling I remembered one of the most inspirational lectures I’ve ever listened to. Why was it so inspirational? It was about sandwiches.

This teacher had stood up in front of hundreds of pupils and lectured us on sandwiches. Sure, this gained him a few funny looks but in my opinion, it is one of the most clever learning techniques I reckon ever invented. You throw in a wacky topic and people remember it.

Of course, the moral of the story didn’t come down to sandwiches but down to standing out from the crowd. I’ll tell you the story. You tell me what you learnt, if anything. You tell me, are you more likely to remember this story than one lacking a wacky element? Let’s find out.

The story goes like this…

A man stood in the supermarket. There it was, shining out at him. The perfect chicken sandwich. Or so he thought.

The man lifted the sandwich from the shelf and as he went to pay for it, he noticed another, more tempting sandwich. Chicken and lettuce. Surely, this was the right sandwich for him?

Not by any stretch of the imagination. Once again, he went to pay for his seemingly perfect sandwich when he caught a glimpse of an even more tasty looking sandwich. Chicken, lettuce and onion!

And so he went to pay for his sandwich when, for the final time, a fourth sandwich caught his eye. Chicken? Check. Lettuce? Check. Onion? Check. And, on top of it all, bacon!

The moral of the story is to make yourself stand out if you want to be given more opportunities in life. I hope you enjoyed this sandwich story as much as I did.



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  1. I enjoyed this sandwich too! very true!

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