Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.

This video is perhaps the most inspirational video I am yet to come across. It was orginially written as Advice, Like Youth, Probably Just Wasted On The Young‘ by Mary Schmich in 1997, the essay opened with the words “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of ’97”.

Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. I will dispense this advice now.

It then went on to be used in its entirety by Australian film director Baz Luhrmann on his 1998 album Something for Everybody, as “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)”. The song sampled Luhrmann’s remixed version of the song “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)” by Rozalla. Subsequently released as a single, the song opened with the words “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of ’99”.

Read the directions, even if you don’t follow them.

Cover of "Everybodys Free (To Wear Sunscr...
Cover of Everybodys Free (To Wear Sunscreen)


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  1. This is one of my favorite videos – it’s actually the video that finally pushed me over the edge to put all my things in storage and move to Argentina.

    Also, just a tip (you can edit this out after you read it) – there’s a function in WordPress to “continue reading”…it basically limits how much of the post is displayed on your blog’s homepage feed. I usually try to insert it after the first paragraph or two – that way, when someone visits my blog, they can quickly scroll down and see the last few posts I’ve done (as opposed to one giant post taking up the whole page). Also, it doesn’t deliver the entire post via email, which can be quite long.

    Just a thought!

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