23 Killer Resources for Designers

It’s not difficult to find resources for designers on the internet but it’s not so easy to find good resources. That’s why I have devised this list to help you find the best resources for your projects. I’ll be providing you with a short blurb accompanied by links from Photoshop tutorials to fresh UI kits. Everything will, hopefully, be here to find.

How can this list help you?

Not only can this list save you time but I’m sure that it can help you scare any design monsters away (you know the type; no inspiration, lack of budget, annoying clients and poor quality materials).


Sometimes I’ll spend hours just searching for the correct colour scheme. Sometimes I cannot find it. I’m looking for that one colour scheme that stands out among all the rest, the one that’s currently trending or the one that’s gives me a burst of inspiration as soon as my eyes lock on it.

Let’s be honest, one of the biggest secrets when it comes to creating a good design is colour. Or the lack of, mind you – grey is currently trending.

Color Blender is a great tool to find some great colour schemes. In my opinion, the site can seem hard to make sense of to a new user stuck on the homepage but rest assured that if you simply venture up to the Browse Blends button at the top of the screen, a colour haven awaits.

Kuler, Adobe’s very own colour scheme generator, features many pre-made colour schemes which you are sure to love.

COLOURLovers is a type of online community where users can create, browse and share colour schemes and patterns. If you wish not to become a user, you can still browse colour schemes should you wish to.


Fonts can make or break a design which is why I’ve found some sites and articles listing some wonderful free fonts to use in your designs.

Free Fonts To Enchance Any Design: #1#2
These two articles lists some really great, professional fonts you really don’t want to miss!

28 Modern Fonts For Use In Web Projects
The title of this article really speaks for itself! 😆

24 Free Fonts For Designers
24 simplistic, modern fonts for designers to use – for free!

FontSpace provides hundereds of free fonts for both Mac and Windows users.

1001 Free Fonts
A great website to find free fonts.

This is one of my favourite sites to get free fonts simply due to the fact that there are so many to choose from.

Stock Images

Stock images might just be one of the things designers struggle to find most but, thankfully, there are lots of sites where you can get free images when you have a low or no budget.

You probably already know of Flickr so it doesn’t need much of an introduction but, for those of you who haven’t heard of this wonderful site, Flickr provides good quality stock images and, under the Creative Commons Licence, they are free.

Creative Commons? What’s that?

“Creative Commons is a non-profit that offers an alternative to full copyright.”

Stock.XCHNG is the leading free stock photo site which provides high-quality images for designers!



Smashing Magazine has probably the largest selection of CSS material on the internet.

CSS Tricks has a vast variety of snippets, articles and other resources for web designers.

Forums, Blogs and Communities

deviantART is my favourite design community of all. With resources, examples and tutorials, in my opinion, dA is a shining light in the design community.

Sign up to Creative Market today and get free credits and free resources!


PSD Tuts is one of the best tutorial sites for Photoshop users around. I seriously recommend checking it out!


Sign up to Creative Market today and get free credits and free resources! I know it’s the second time I’ve mentioned this already but seriously the resources on this look really good!

24 520x260 13 Free PSD UI Kits for Designers

freeebooksforwebdesigners 20 Free E books For Web Designers

Pandora UI Free for iOS



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  1. Thanks for the Creative Market love! If you like what you see now, just wait until we launch — we’re super excited to show off our hard work. Soon. 🙂

    Lesley Yarbrough
    Community Builder ~ Creative Market

    • Hello,
      You’re very welcome, thank you for building such a wonderful site – its truly very exciting, particularly for a newbie designer such as myself!

      I also must add that I am honoured that you’d take time from what must be a very hectic schedule in order to comment on my little blog. That has made my day – thank you.


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