Because I’m Awesome At Awarding Awards

Thanks to The Hobbler I have received the Awesome At Awarding Awards Award!

Most blog awards have you answer questions about yourself or list several different things about yourself. Like The Hobbler pointed out, not everyone likes to do that. Hence she created this wonderful award that I am proud to be one of the recipients of.

The rules, my dear friends, are pretty simple:

  • The Hobbler has listed some words and my job is to write the first thing I think of when reading the words, then I pass the award onto anyone who ever gave me an award.


  • awards > honour
  • you > me
  • blogging > words
  • don’t > do
  • let’s > house
  • why > because
  • party > donkey
  • oh > oops
  • try > fail
  • watch > hear
  • life > death
  • favourite > worst
  • no > maybe
  • I’m > mine
  • sorry > good

This award goes to everyone who has ever given me an award – so if you’ve ever given me an award, go find the post here!

Also, if you would like an explanation behind the logic of my words, just ask. I might be able to tell you. 😉



Add yours →

  1. I would love an explanation. Some of them don’t make much sense now.

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