Weekly Roundup #6

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Welcome to a whole new Weekly Roundup! I have decided to have keep my weekly roundup once a week but with all new added features. Let me introduce me to some of them:

    • This Weeks Posts This section showcases the posts from this week.
    • This Weeks Suggested Posts This section recommends some of my previous posts that you might find interesting or might have missed.
    • This Weeks Goals VS Last Weeks Goals This is where I set myself blogging goals and reflect on the goals of the previous week.
    • From Around The Blogosphere This is where, should you wish, you can make announcements and I add things from other blogs around the blogosphere. Should you wish to make an announcement or advertise a post/product here, just drop me a comment before the Sunday of every week. I’ll be happy to help you out. If I’m all ‘booked up’, I shall simply move your announcement to the week after.

This Weeks Posts

  • CSS Tips and Tricks: Box Shadow + FREEBIE The only post I managed to actually write and post this week explains how to add a box shadow to elements in your website by applying just a bit of CSS. Also comes with code for a box (which text can be added to) that has a drop shadow applied.

This Weeks Suggested Posts

This Weeks Goals

  • Do a blog meme.
  • Write more than one post.
  • Find some great news for ‘From Around The Blogosphere’!

From Around The Blogosphere:

  • Just 1 Page This is a campaign, organised by Charli at Life Through Rose Tinted Sunglasses, aiming to get everyone reading a page (or more) of something a day. Whether that be a page of a fiction book, a non-fiction book, a biography or the newspaper – can you take the pledge?
  • Halloween Writing Competition Again from Charli at Life Through Rose Tinted Sunglasses, this is a writing contest I feel many of my readers might be interested in: all you have to do is write a halloween themed story (over 250 words), add the ‘contest button’ to your sidebar and submit it by the 28th October, 2012. Read more here.
  • The Hunter Inside Have you read The Hunter Inside? I’m currently reading it in whatever spare time I have and, let me tell you, I love it. I got it during the free Amazon giveaway and now have it nicely installed into my Kindle app (on my iPod and laptop). The book is tremendously written with a gripping story line. I really recommend reading it!


Add yours →

  1. Thank you for the mention, twice! I hope lots of people enter 🙂 And we now have around 20 people pledging on J1P, which is fab!
    Charli x

  2. Thanks! I’m really glad you’re enjoying THI! I’d love a review on amazon/goodreads when you’re finished if you have time! 🙂

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