100: Your New Lucky Number

Why, you may ask, is 100 your new lucky number? Who, you might also ask, am I to dictate your lucky number? Where, you might ask (seriously, you ask too many questions), might I be going with this?

Well, if you would be kind enough please lend me your ears, ladies and gents. Or, if you wish to disobey me, lend me at least your eyes. Scrap that. Lend me your fingers, your ears and your eyes. Yep, that’s right. Your fingers too. I want them now – please.

Now, you’re going to take that finger and click the ‘read more’ link below, and, if you’re awesome and have already done that, get comfy, there’s some coffee in the back, and I shall begin with my post…

Today I’m posting my 100th post. 100. Just take a second to digest that. For some, that number is pathetic but to me it’s a milestone never to forget. Which brings me onto how today your lucky number is 100.

100. When you see that number, the ducks up in the skies will shine down on you, giving you the luck you need.

Now, onto the post…

At this milestone I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of my followers, commenters, readers and likers who have followed me during my 100 posts. I’ve accepted the fact that my blog is not the wittiest, the most informative or the most interesting which makes me all the more thrilled that, not only have I thought of 100 topics to write about, but you’ve all stuck with me.

Here are some statistics I’d like to share with you:

Opinionated Duck currently has 100 posts, 276 comments, 49 followers, 202 shares and 5,741 pageviews.

My 5 Most Popular Posts Are Currently:
1. Homework: Harmful or Helpful?
2. Today is Sunday But No Ordinary Sunday
3. How To Make A Halftone Effect Picture In Photoshop
4. It Could Happen To You
5. 9 Free Fonts To Enhance Any Design #1

To conclude…



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