Weekly Roundup #8

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Welcome to Weekly Roundup, my apologies for it being a day late!

Let’s recap on  some of the features that the Weekly Roundup now holds:

    • This Weeks Posts This section showcases the posts from this week.
    • This Weeks Suggested Posts This section recommends some of my previous posts that you might find interesting or might have missed.
    • This Weeks Goals VS Last Weeks Goals This is where I set myself blogging goals and reflect on the goals of the previous week.
    • From Around The Blogosphere This is where, should you wish, you can make announcements and I add things from other blogs around the blogosphere. Should you wish to make an announcement or advertise a post/product here, just drop me a comment before the Sunday of every week. I’ll be happy to help you out. If I’m all ‘booked up’, I shall simply move your announcement to the week after.

This Weeks Posts

  • End of the World: The Survival Kit
    As December 21st, 2012 draws closer (based on the Mayan calender, this will be the final day before the world ceases to exist) I want to know the important question, are you prepared for the supposed end of the world?
  • 11 Free Fonts to Enhance Any Design #3
    As a designer, the type-face is always an important aspect to give your design the character it needs. However, good, free fonts can be hard to find which is why every now and then I will be posting some of the greatest free fonts for designers I can find. Browse through them, download them at your will and let me know what you think of them and if you find any more, please comment so that I can add it to the next post.
  • 12 Simple Steps to Creating A Grungy Vintage Paper Texture
    Any designer would know that right now old is the new new. Old paper textures. Grungy text. Retro vintage posters. It’s all in.Personally, I hate using stock. If I can, I’ll create everything from scratch. Paper was one of my biggest enemies. The paper I create looked flat. No grunge. No creases. Terrible. That’s why I’ve devised this tutorial to show you how to create a paper texture.

This Weeks Suggested Posts

This Weeks Goals

  • Do a blog meme.
  • Write more than two posts.
  • Find some great news for ‘From Around The Blogosphere’!
  • Write some Flash Fiction.

Last Weeks Goals

  • Do a blog meme.
  • Write more than one post.
  • Find some great news for ‘From Around The Blogosphere’!

From Around The Blogosphere:

  • The Teenage Blogosphere
    New blog, The Teenage Blogosphere, has ever so kindly listed Opinionated Duck on their blog!
    It’s run by one teenager and acts as a blog list, intending to have as many teen-written blogs featured on their site.
    If you wish to be listed, click here. It’s a great blog, check it out!


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  1. Thank you for mentioning The Teenage Blogosphere. Very Grateful! x

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