It’s almost that time of year…

With but a week to go, Christmas spirits could not be higher. Well, for most people…

You get those people who are excitable all year round and so you don’t see a noticeable difference in them nearing Christmas, then you get those people that are depressed every month other than December and, excluding a few groups of people, we finally have those people who might be happy all year around and then…

Christmas. šŸ˜

As a rule, I’m not generally a ‘Bah Humbug’ type of person but this year I might be exited but I’m just too tired to show it. Whilst the whole school is running around singing Christmas Carols (which I’m fine with, after all, I do love Christmas) looking a little like this:

Happy dance!

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Then there is me. I’m feeling overjoyed that’s it’s Christmas soon, don’t get me wrong, it’s just, well, I’m looking a little something like this:

I couldn’t resist. Just so adorable.

What kind of attitude are you in? Excited for Christmas or not so? Tired like me or just sick of Christmas Carols? Let me know in a comment. If you like this article, please click ‘Like’ or share it to let me know that you enjoy what I’m doing, thanks!



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  1. I’m sort of excited… I mean, I like Christmas. I hate the run-up to it though, the radios playing the old stuff, having to make cards at school, everyone rushing around buying presents.

    • I agree. I’m pretty much sick of things you’ve mentioned by the time Christmas comes around.

      We’re not making cards at school though – that would be a nice change, to be honest. The end of term for us usually consists of exams, exams and wait, more exams. Did my last exam of the term today – Spanish.

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