Why You Are Like A Table (The Scars of a Table)

monday's musings_edited-1

Have you ever thought of the scars that adorn a table? Have you ever attempted to muse over how and why they got there?

A table may be just one ordinary table but it holds a thousand extraordinary moments. There might be a small carving made by a hungry toddler, a paint stain that is seemingly impossible to remove, a burn mark from a bowl of hot soup and the dent from a moment of anger and impulse. Each scar holds a memory; good or bad.

It’s much like the human mind, if one should come to think of it.

Each scar represents an emotion with a memory attached. Impulse, greed, love, anger, hunger, inspiration, creativity: each an emotion that’s embedded within one apparently ordinary table.

So do these scars, these extraordinary attributes, change the status of an ordinary table? Does it now become an extraordinary table? The more scars it possesses, the more outstanding it grows? After all, the more scars mean the more experience, right? And what’s the miracle? It’s still standing strong.

Again, one could say a human is much like a table. The more scars it possesses, the more experience it has had and, throughout it all, it still stands strong. If that’s not extraordinary, outstanding even, then what is?

Granted, you don’t have to have experience to outstanding, but in my opinion, at least understanding it needed.

Here’s to all the people and all the tables who have been scarred and after it all, are still standing strong. I commend you.


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