What My Readers Value Most

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember this post. Well, it’s about time I submitted my findings. Before I do so, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who co-operated, it’s been extremely insightful.

I asked my readers a series of questions that I hoped would challenge their perception on life. I hoped that by having my readers answer these questions it would open their eyes to their faults and indeed stop taking the people and things around them for granted.

One of the questions was ‘What do you think the point to this post was?’ and I have to say, some readers got it spot on:

“[The point of this post was] Hopefully to get the reader to stop for a moment and review their existence. To stop taking the world (and people) around them for granted and to reaffirm the positive aspect/s of their life. As I always say “Perception is reality”. Your perceived view of the world, and the people in it, is only dictated by your ability to perceive your actual reality. Sometimes if you take a moment to reflect you may find that your perception is actually a lot farther from reality than you actually expected.”

– Eric Blair

“I’m not sure why you asked, but I can tell you why I answered.
Perception is reality. By observing, detailing and analysing our own priorities in life, it enables us to develop a more objective opinion on ourselves and lifestyle. By writing it down it also makes it real – if there was something I didn’t like about myself in this post, by publishing it on a public forum I would be forced to confront and change it.”
– rhiannonkate

Others had equally valid ideas, all of which could also be the point of this post:

“This post was just for me so that I could stay honest and self-reflective.”

– Sandra Harriette

When asked ‘Do you value people over possessions?’ there were mixed results, though most of the answers favoured valuing people over possessions:

“People have always been more important to me than possessions, but the most important thing in the world to me is knowing that I’m doing what I think is the right thing.”
– T. W. Dittmer

“Yes [I do value people over possessions]. I move every six months so having to constantly throw away things that I want but don’t absolutely need has really lightened my view on material possessions. I may still sometimes want to wear that colourful skirt I gave away in Costa Rica three years ago, but the fact I’m still in contact and friends with the girl I gave it to is way more important.”
– rhiannonkate

I also asked ‘If I were to ask you if you were rich, what would your answer be?’ and this was perhaps the most important question. I wanted to test whether or not my readers really valued people over possessions.

In my opinion, those who had answered referring in terms of money either a) didn’t understand or look into the depth of the question or b) have a reason to value possessions over people.

I was looking for people to answer that they were rich in love, experience, education or other non-materialistic items and in some cases, those were answers I got:

“Yes [I consider myself rich]. Life is about experience and enjoying the abundance of creativity. Love is the only currency worth owning and I have plenty to go around. Unconditional. Universal.”
– Eric Blair

“When you say rich, I say yes. Money? No. But life, people, love… definitely.”
– Charli

If you’d like to read the other answers, read the other questions or even answer the questions yourself, please click here.

I’d like to thank you for reading this and for all who participated in my research.


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