Tuesday Tunes: Lower Than Atlantis

It was a few years ago that I heard of Lower Than Atlantis – a band that emerged onto the alternative rock scene from the London town of Watford back in 2007.

Delving A Little Lower Than Atlantis…

During their early days, the groups sound was inspired by Mike Duce (lead vocals, rhythym guitar, co-founder) and Ben Sanson (lead guitar, back vocals, co-founder)’s shared love of bands such as blink-182 and Biffy Clyro.

Their debut EP, Bretton, was released, after various line-up changes on bass and drums, at the end of 2008. Featuring eight tracks, the breakneck melodic hardcore punk sound of the EP would signal the direction of their 2010 debut album, Far Q.

With the addition of full-time members Declan Hart (bass) and Eddy Thrower (drums) , the band returned to the studio to record it’s next album, World Record, which was released in April of 2011. Taking on a more alternative rock sound inspired by the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters, the album followed the band’s continued journey from hardcore punk to melodic indie rock.

After signing to Island Records at the beginning of 2012, the band released its third album – Changing Tune – in the October of that year.

As is always the case with self-motivated rock bands who do it the old-fashioned way, they let ‘the industry’ find them rather than seeking anyone out, and after a whispering campaign led them gaining a buzz, they were sought out and seduced. One night in early 2012, in London on the final day of their sold out UK tour, they signed a record deal with a major label and then went off and played the biggest headline show of their careers. Life was going well. The journey then took them and producer John Mitchell to Rockfield Studios in Wales, a place steeped in rock history. Each day they would walk out past the weathervane that inspired the “any way the wind blows” line in Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. They would sit underneath the same stars that were shining on Chris Martin when he wrote ‘Yellow’.


With similarities to We Are The Ocean, Blitz Kids and Young Guns among others, Lower Than Atlantis is big on the underground scene and are rapidly rising to prominence.

Featured Track

My featured track is ‘Another Sad Song’, taken from their 2010 album ‘World Record’. Given it a listen and let me know in the comments what you think of a) the song or b) Lower Than Atlantis:



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  1. Lower Than Atlantis (y) Love the song. I haven’t really heard of them but thank you so much for bringing them to my attention!! ^_^ Lemme go stalk their music for a lil while

  2. I hadnt heard Lower Than Atlantis until today but am a huge fan of blink-183, Jimmy Eat World ans Young Guns. The featured track immediateky impressed me qnd I can see this.being a band I listen to.more often!

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