Audio? Check. Visual? Sometimes. Poetry? Check.

It’s Shrove Tuesday, so what better way to spend pancake day then talking about something completely unrelated to pancakes? I thought you’d be with me on that.

I should be doing a ‘Tuesday Tunes’ post today, but I haven’t particularly stuck with my schedule recently so I thought it’d be okay to slightly twist the theme. You know, because spoken word poetry is practically lyrical songs without the music. Sometimes, it is even accompanied with music. If that makes any sense at all, say aye. If not, proceed.

This post won’t be long, so bear with, I just want to show you some examples of the wonderful art which is spoken poetry. If you’re not already acquainted with it, spoken poetry is a beautiful creation full of metaphors that touch the heart. If you are already acquainted with the art, let me know of your favourite spoken word poets or poems in the comment section below. 🙂

Warning: this will bring tears to your eyes. And probably streaming down your cheeks.

Polarbear is one of my favourite spoken poets. This following poem is my favourite of his.

Thought provoking, yet perhaps controversial, I adore the following poem.


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