Why I Don’t Use Twitter

I am an avid Internet user. I am a teenager. I believe in the concept and idea of Twitter. So why don’t I have an account?

I really like the idea of Twitter for very few reasons, to be honest. I think that it’s a great way to develop one’s synopsis skills: getting everything I want to say into 140 words would be an art. I also like the fact that it has introduced teenagers into discovering and using their words again.

That being said, I hate the concept for those exact reasons.

OMG Baby

People are not condensing their sentences; they are condensing their characters. Instead of turning a sentence into a few coherent words, people are getting into the habit of using far too many abbreviations: “tbh” “u” “ngl” “atm”.

What’s more is that teenagers may be discovering words but often in the wrong way. They are using twitter as a platform to share abuse or make inappropriate comments; to stalk and obsess over “celebrities”; and downgrade their language to the use of abbreviations.

I am a fan of social media. I believe that, in some ways, it has optimized the way people communicate. It connects family together (especially in long distance situations) and gives you the opportunity to reunite with friends. (That being said, there are also many reasons that I could list about why I think it has taken society a few steps back in terms of communication.) However, communication is a form of social etiquette and how it can be done properly in 140 characters I fail to understand.

In all honesty, I would much rather write on my blog using as little characters as I wish too or as many. That way I can convey my thoughts and ideas without having to watch my language skills die.

It is a basic version of every other social networking and micro-blogging platform out there: Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr – only with less characters. When there are so many options out there, I sometimes fail to see the need in another, less impressive one.

I think that, along side the option to write a “status” on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter has also provided a danger in the idea of instant responses to an event. There are times when you need to think things out before shouting them to the world, and although you could be guilty of doing the opposite of that on sites such as WordPress, Twitter encourages writing and sharing ideas and thoughts in the heat of the moment. Instant reactions can often cause more damage than they are worth. People often fail to understand that, just because something is written in the comforts of their own profile, you are still left vulnerable to everyone being able to see your response.

As a designer, however, I will add that it’s User Interface is nice: simple with the added option of some limited user customization. I will tell what else Twitter is good for: getting not much else done. The reason for procrastination is rapidly becoming people’s use of technology, social media, and sites such as Twitter.

I don’t think that Twitter is useless, I honestly don’t. For example, if you own a business, it could be your #1 marketing tool and I completely understand the appeal. All I’m saying is that it isn’t for me. It really isn’t for me.

My question to you is why do you, or why don’t you, use Twitter? The world being such a diverse place, I am curious to find out other people’s reasons for or against the popular micro-blogging site.




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