#1 Top Tip In Generating Traffic With StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking platform – similar to reddit and Digg – where users submit and browse content.

I’m an avid Stumbler, “liking”, “dislking” and “stumbling” through other users submissions on almost a daily basis. I also submit each of my blog posts and, the truth is, StumbleUpon generates the most traffic this blog receives.

Feign InterestI am, by no means, an Internet guru. I do not have six million blog followers or generate thousands of pounds income because of my online business. But I do know a little bit about how to use the web and I do have a brain for business. I take a keen interest in marketing and learning the tricks.

StumbleUpon is easy to use, once you get the hang of it. It is just like any  social networking site: the more followers, the more views. It’s just like any social bookmarking site: post original content as well as others content. But there are things about StumbleUpon a user must learn to understand.

Your submitted Stumbles live off of others feedback. If a user dislikes your post (“thumbs down”) then it could potentially be buried forever. If a user likes your post it is exposed to more and more people within that niche, gaining traffic instantly. In social discourse, this is often referred to as the snowball method or a chain reaction.

If a user is exposed to content, they make like it. Doing so will expose the said content to another user, who might also like the post. Repeat.

The more people that like a post, the more people that see a post. The more people that see a post, the more people that like a post. It starts a chain reaction where your traffic ends up snowballing; it can only increase from here on wards.

But, how do you get users liking a post? Think of it this way: content is king, design is queen, the rest of it are just pawns.

If the content is not good, users will not share it. No one wants to read dull, poorly-written content, do they?

Not only does the quality of the content you post need to be good, it is important to share not only your own content but other high-quality posts. Doing this will not only increase your reputation as a great Stumbler, you’d also be something great for the writer of the post. So, next time you see a share-worthy post, Stumble that stuff. (Hint, hint. 😉 If you think this post is Stumble worthy, of course.)

If the design is bland and the text is hard to read, users will probably not even read it, never mind share it.

So, my top tip in generating traffic using StumbleUpon is simple: focusing on content is key.

Star Trek
Spock is going to share this post. 🙂

Do you use StumbleUpon? Does it generate a lot of traffic for you, or do you find other bookmarking sites do it better? How do you make the most of StumbleUpon? Let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please consider liking or sharing it (maybe even on StumbleUpon 😉 ). It would make my day. Thank you.



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