Guest Post: Let It Go

I’ve always been interested in getting guest writers to share their work. I think it’s a great idea for writers and bloggers to share their work on other platforms and reach new audiences, and not to mention the fact that it gives me a day off of thinking of a new post topic. ūüėČ Today I am introducing to you my first guest writer, Sam.¬†She’s really awesome.

I’m Sam. I wouldn’t say I’m exactly experienced in writing my own opinion on an issue or topic like my fellow friend Opinionated Duck. That is why I have opted for more of a motivational/inspirational post that may change your perception on the people who walk in and out of your life.

Let it go.

No, I won’t be talking about Disney’s famous song from its hit film¬†Frozen. I will be talking about letting things go. And more specifically: people. These people may have hurt you, they may have angered you, they may have loved you, they may have left a deep, deep mark on you, good or bad, which can never truly be scrubbed away, but it’s time to move on. Let them go. Turn the last page of this torn and crippled book, and tuck it away while you begin a fresh story in a whole new sequence of your confusing journey through this crazy little thing called life.

Everyone leaves for their own reasons. These people may be those who are extremely close to you, you may not want them to leave, and perhaps they don’t really want to either, but believe with all your heart that it is for the best. That this person is seeing something in the future that you may not have noticed yet, and in their leaving they are doing you a¬†favor.

“Maybe love stays –
Maybe love can’t –
Maybe love shouldn’t.”
When Love Arrives, Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

There are many people I could discuss regarding the roles that people play and have played in your life. One that instantly springs to mind is love. A mere crush, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a wife, a husband, and anything¬†in between. These can be some of the hardest people to walk away from. After reading¬†Just One Day¬†by Gayle Forman, I have been introduced to something called “stains”. Not the typical dirt and grime stains on your cloths. I mean a¬†metaphorical stain. When someone ventures into your life and doesn’t simply leave empty space, but leave a type of marking that you can never truly get rid of.

‚ÄúStains are even worse when you’re the only one who can see them.‚ÄĚ Just One Day, Gayle Forman

The time that you share with this person may be incredible and at the time you think that it’ll last. Sometimes it does, but sometimes it really doesn’t. Next thing you know, they’ve moved on and you’re just a distant figure in their sweetheart memories. So don’t go wasting your valuable thinking about all the things you could of done to prevent it, what you did wrong to not have them love you enough to stay, don’t think that it’s your fault, and don’t¬†ever, ever,¬†ever¬†ask yourself the question: am I not good enough? My answer for all of you: you are a magnificent and beautiful human being who should be cherishing every happy, good and true moment in your life. Why let this one person dictate how you feel about yourself? You have so much to look forward to and make sure you keep your arms wide open to embrace the future. It’s going to be good.

However, just like those close to you who have left, perhaps you’ve spotted something in the future that means walking away now could save the one you love from getting wounded. To walk away takes bravery, but to let go and move forward takes power. Don’t be frightened by the thought of a future without them, because if you two are truly meant to be together, no matter the storm, you will always find a way back to each other. But on a world with over seven billion people, you may find a different type of person who you never thought you could ever fall in love with to be your perfect match. Keep an open mind. And always remember that your happiness does not depend on others, it depends on you.

“It was like losing parts of me I thought I needed.” When Love Arrives, Sarah Kay and Peter Kaye

There may have been people who have angered you beyond belief throughout your life. Let them go. For them to have gotten to you so deeply and for you to feel so much anger means that they should be left behind. Even just for a while, while you cool down and work through your own issues. After all, the crumpled book with your old story you tucked away can still be revisited, can’t it?

‚ÄúSometimes you can only feel something by its absence. By the empty spaces it leaves behind.‚ÄĚ Just One Day, Gayle Forman

What’s my overall message? Stop letting the feelings of regret, self-doubt, hurt, anger brought on by others take over your mind and wound you. Accept that these certain people are gone and breathe. Take that ultimate deep breath and move on.

Let it go.


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