Hey there, I am a pluviophile.

Hey there! Thanks for visiting Opinionated Duck. Unfortunately, I’m not blogging here anymore. If you’d like to check out my new blog, Delirious Antidotes, then click here. I’ll see you over there!

When you write on the Internet, your readers form an opinion on you from your very first sentence. They think they know the real you, opposed to the one you present yourself to be on the Internet.

If you blog for a long time (or even for a short amount of time, often), it is almost inevitable that you will change and develop as a person over the time you have been blogging. Often your readers can identify this easily but what happens if they don’t? What happens when you can feel yourself developing and your tastes growing alongside you and you want to move on? What happens when you want to drastically adjust your tone of writing; your niche? Do you just go straight ahead or do you ween into your new style slowly, as if no one will notice?

I have had this blog over two years now and, in hindsight, I feel as if I have gone about it in an entirely stupendous way. Nowadays, I write more of what I want to write than what I think others want to read. I am, slowly, finding my voice and the most difficult part about that is when you’re not sure whether or not any person reading your work can identify any of your traits.

My blog does not scream about who I am. I have always been pretty careful about giving too much about myself away, for Internet safety mostly, but sometimes I am disheartened when I realise that my blog does not at all reflect who I am. Therefore, you may see a few changes on my blog over the course of the next few weeks. I have already changed the design of my blog and I am carefully working on personalising my content.

Don’t worry, I’m not changing drastically. In fact, you probably won’t even notice.

So, to kick things off, here’s an overview of who I am:

I am young (and not inclined to tell you my age). I am female. I am a student, a writer, a designer, an artist. I am totally interested in psychology and I form strong opinions maybe a little too easily. I am a pluviophile (lover of the rain) and I adore Peter Pan. So far, that’s all you need to know.

If you’re a new reader, I hope you enjoy my blog. If you’re a long term reader, hey! Drop me a comment and remind me to get to know you!



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  1. Happy Lifeaholic July 9, 2014 — 8:03 am

    I’m also a pluviophile, and I too love Peter Pan 🙂

  2. You’re living in the right place for a rain lover who wants superb amenities to go with it. The Amazon forest lacks fine dining, mass transportation and no Big Eye.

  3. I ran an anonymous blog for awhile and I was always very cautious about how much of myself I put into it in fear of people finding out who I was. But it’s hard to write without letting yourself reveal parts of you so just try and embrace the parts you’re willing to share with the world 🙂

  4. Nothing wrong with rain and you should do your blog whatever way brings you the most pleasure.

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