Why Surviving Life Is Like Learning To Ride A Bike

I learnt to ride my bike at nine, which is pretty late on in life for most children. It took me a while because I could only practice at my grandparents house where my bicycle was kept but, after a lot of persistence, I finally learnt to ride my bike. Nowadays, I don’t ride very often, although there are occasions when the weather is good that I take to the road on my blue bike. Since learning, I have assisting my fair share of people in learning to ride their bikes, too (eg: siblings, friends).

There are two fundamental factors in learning to ride a bike: steering and pedaling. Essentially, that is all riding a bike is. You steer and you pedal. Simple concepts, yes, but without either one of them, riding a bike would be a lot more difficult. You need to steer to balance and stay on the right track and you need to pedal to move forward.

Life is pretty similar.

It is really important to be on the right track – to steer straight – but you’re still going to get hit by the train if you just sit there. You need to move forward, too. Steer straight, pedal forward. The two concepts of learning to ride a bike are the same in surviving life. Balance and persistence; steering and pedaling.

“Life is like learning to ride a bicycle, To keep your balance you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein”

It is a simple but entirely true philosophy. Life is like learning to ride a bike.


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