Britain: The Misconceptions and The Cons

I guess you could say that I was patriotic. I’m proud to be British and I will happily wave that flag high. It is during these times (ie: the World Cup) where I am probably most patriotic. I enjoy watching our nation come together as one and support our fellow British-men.

I think that being British is entirely awesome but, that being said, there are some misconceptions that make being British all the more better than it actually is – particularly among the younger, non-British generation.

British Accents

You like the British Accent? That’s great! Honestly, it is. But…which one? There are so many British accents that you can’t simply state that you love the British accent in general. Granted, the British probably say the same thing about the Americans ect. and you guys probably all think the same thing.

If you want to get to grips with what each accent sounds like, here’s a great video:

The Queen

The Queen is the monarch of our country and, sure, that’s kinda cool. But we are no more likely to bump into her than an Australian is. Just because I live in England, doesn’t mean I exchange greetings with the Royal Family on the way to Tesco. Just because I sometimes venture into London doesn’t mean I have tea with the Queen before leaving.

I have a funny story, actually. My friend’s brother and his wife moved to New Zealand a while back and have just had a daughter. My friend’s mum went over to meet her daughter and, whilst she was over there, passed Will & Kate (Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge) in the car. She flew over 11 thousand miles and saw the couple for the first time, despite the fact that she lives not much over 10 miles from them back here.

A picture of Prince Harry – because he’s cute.

Britain is more than just England

This one is a huge bugbear of mine. The United Kingdom is a country in itself that is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Officially, it is named as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK/Britain is not just made up of England. Nor is England made up just of London. Nor is London made up of just Central London.

The Jeremy Kyle Show

What really bothers me is that the Jeremy Kyle Show acts as a representation of the UK when, in reality, the population of the UK that are actually involved in that show are next to nothing. It is not a fair representation. At the same time, we do not all speak in posh accents and drink tea from China mugs.

Now, there are also a few – emphasis on the word “few” – things I kind of dislike about the UK, too.


One of the biggest heated discussion in England – I’m not sure about the rest of the United Kingdom – is how “scone” is pronounced? “Sc-ow-n” versus “Sc-o-n”.

The Weather

I love the rain. That being said, I’m a fan of summer too. The problem with the UK isn’t that we have both hot and cold weather, it’s that it is so unpredictable. In the span of two weeks we could have the hottest day that year and the biggest/coldest storm in six months. Carrying a spare jumper and an umbrella is almost expected because, you know, just in case.

British Music

The music in Britain is pretty amazing. Like, there are some really talented people in this country. What bugs me is that it is not considered considerable success until they have broken America – almost as if the UK isn’t quite good enough.



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  1. I actually have a post about misconceptions about Ireland because my god, the amount of crap we hear from tourists (who we love ahem hem) is insane.
    The accent thing is very true. There are huge variations in accents in most countries, including here. With England, the London accent (which, in itself, varies hugely) seems to be the accent most foreign people associate with England.

    Great post!

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